Google flights is a great website for finding flight deals. It allows you to search by country, region, or city across a wide range of dates. It pulls info from airline websites and other search engines and provides the link for booking the deal.

Even though I’ve worked as a travel agent and have access to all kinds of airline tools, I still often use Google flights! Here are my top tips on how to best utilise this handy tool, listed by different travel scenarios.

Deals for a specific destination: any dates

You might know that you want to travel to Iceland, but you’re pretty open to leaving anytime in September. This is how you search to find the best deal.

Use the search function on and input:

  1. Origin (YVR for me) to Rekjavik
  2. Put in a date in a month when you would like to leave
  3. It will display a calendar for the month and from there you can see the best deals
  4. Pick your dates and it will allow you to select flights
  5. Pick the flights you like and it will display how to book them
  6. From here you can also add more filters and then look at the calendar again for the cheapest dates (for example direct flights only)

Once you’ve selected some dates, you can search again and add filters, to narrow down your search:

  • Non-stop flights
  • Includes carry-on baggage in the fare
  • After or before certain times of the day
  • Narrow down to specific airlines or airline alliances

Deals for specific dates: any destination

If you know when you can travel (for example, Easter break or Christmas), but you’re open to where you travel, this method can be great for finding the best deal for your dates.

Here is an example of searching for a week over Christmas from Vancouver, anywhere non-stop in North America.

Use the search function on and input:

  1. Your origin city (YVR – Vancouver for me)
  2. Leave destination blank
  3. Input your dates (19-26 December)
  4. Tick non-stop flights only
  5. A map of the world will display with all your options
  6. Click on the options of any destinations that interest you and you are taken to the flight details and where to book it


MAP DISPLAY EXAMPLE: 19-26 Dec YVR-Anywhere N. America


Select your desired destination and get that flight booked before the price changes! Google flights is one of my favourite resources, thanks to it’s ease of use and flexibility for searching! Enjoy these tips for finding your next travel deal!

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