Tricks to booking the right home for your trip.

Airbnb has turned the travel industry on its head and is now the booking platform of choice. What it does well is linking travelers to diverse accommodation options. Whether you’re traveling as a family and want multiple bedrooms, or you’re on a specific meal plan and need a kitchen, Airbnb will likely have an option that works for you. Here are a few tips to save you time and help you find the perfect Airbnb for your travels.

Pick a neighbourhood

The location will make or break your trip. Before booking figure out the neighbourhoods that appeal to you. If you’re unsure of the best areas a google search will help you figure it out. When visiting Paris, try searching the ‘coolest neighbourhoods in Paris.’ Once you have picked one or two areas, filter your search in Airbnb by neighbourhood. Paying a bit extra to stay in a central location will improve the quality of your trip, and can save you money in the long run, as you cut down on taxi costs.

Important factors for your Airbnb

Some guests have specific requirements for their accommodation, like a gym, patio, kitchen, office or ocean views. Take a minute to figure out what is important to you, and if you are willing to pay extra for those upgrades. My answer is usually, yes! If the price difference is minimal, and you can afford it, do it. If your Airbnb is nice, you will save money by enjoying the space, rather than always eating out. Thank your-self later when you’re drinking a glass of wine on your balcony, watching the sunset. 

Book in advance 

Everyone loves the idea of a last-minute deal, and some travelers wait to book until right before their trip. This strategy is risky and rarely successful. It usually means there will be fewer options available and the best places will already be booked. The sweet spot for booking is anywhere from 3 to 9 months in advance.

Know the rules of the Airbnb

If you are ready to book but afraid your plans might change, search for options with flexible cancellation and change rules. These properties will give full refunds if canceled by a specific date. If you have any particular requests; like hosting events, traveling with a pet or smoking inside, you can filter to find options that suit your needs.

Filter your search

Once you have figured out your price range, location, bedrooms, number of guests, and requirements like a gym or pool, you can filter the search to narrow down the listings. This makes it far less time consuming, and easier to find the perfect accommodation. Other useful filters include:

Airbnb Plus: Premium listings that Airbnb have personally inspected to meet specific standards in quality.

Superhosts: Hosts who have 5-star reviews and impeccable response rates.

Airbnb Luxe: Extraordinary 5-star homes.

Start a favourites list

By having favourites for each destination it allows you to create a shortlist that you can compare against each other. I add my filters before going through all the options, taking a quick glance before adding the ones I like to my list. I then comb through my favourites more carefully to select the best home.

Happy house hunting!


  • Kristina says:

    Great advice! Looking at Air Bnb’s now for a special stagette in Nashville and I’m going to use these tips!

  • nova says:

    Hey Kristina, thanks for reading and I really hope it’s useful in your planning. I am sure this stagette will be extra special!!! She’s a lucky bride to have you planning it for her.

  • Malcom says:

    Super helpful! Thanks!

  • nova says:

    Thanks Malcolm! Im glad you found it helpful. If there are any other topics you would enjoy, let me know. Cheers, Nova


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