Meet Nova

Nova originally hails from Sydney, but now resides in Vancouver. As an avid snowboarder, she spends much of her time in Whistler and Vancouver’s other nearby mountains. She grew up traveling since birth, thanks to her art dealing parents, and has worked in the travel industry for the past decade at one of the worlds largest travel companies. Starting as a travel consultant, she soon moved up to regional manager of Vancouver, before taking on roles as both a Leadership Trainer and Project Manager for Canada.

Nova now combines her lifelong love of writing and travel, working as a freelance content creator, travel writer and specialty consultant. Through Nova Travels, her goal is to share insight on destinations and give tips that will help create unique experiences for readers. 

Nova is getting set to marry her partner in travel and life, Mark, who hails from the United States. Mark works for an adventure travel company, and together they love to experience the food, drinks, history, music, and natural beauty of the countries they visit.

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